Upcoming events

Below you will see a sampling of some of our upcoming events. There is always a lot going on at WVCOC. There is plenty of room for you to get involved!

28 Day Kindness challenge

Congregational Challenge (February 2018)

  1. Encourage Others to Practice Kindness (Share this Calendar)
  2. Make a Homemade Gift and Give it Away
  3. Leave a Happy Note for Someone to Find
  4. Give Money For Each Bed In Your House to a Homeless Charity
  5. Count How Many People Smile At You Today
  6. Do Something Helpful for a Friend or Family Member
  7. Pick Up Litter or Leaves in Your Local Neighborhood
  8. Say Something Positive to Everyone You Meet Today
  9. Buy Some Extra Items for the Church Food Pantry
  10. Give Clothes, Blankets or Toys to Others Who May Need Them
  11. Bring a Friend to Church
  12. Offer Hugs to Your Loved Ones and Friends
  13. Leave Some Money With a Happy Note For Someone
  14. Pay for a Stranger’s Cup of Coffee or Meal
  15. Send Someone a Card
  16. Cook an Extra Meal and Surprise Someone With It
  17. Thank People Who Do Things for You That You Take for Granted
  18. Let Someone In Front of You in Line
  19. Call a Relative Just to Chat
  20. Turn off Digital Devices and Talk to Someone
  21. Forgive Someone
  22. Pray for Someone By Name
  23. Take a Walk and Contemplate the Beauty of God’s Creation
  24. Post a Positive Message Online
  25. Visit Someone in the Hospital
  26. Pray for Our Local Congregation
  27. Encourage a Child
  28. Plan More Acts Of Kindness You Can Do All Year!

Yosemite Bible Camp

Summer 2018 (June 30th - June 7th) 

Registration Opens in March

Our 2017 Summer Encampment has ended. Hundreds of pictures of the event are at www.facebook.com/wvcoc

Fullsize group pic can be downloaded here