The West Visalia church of Christ truly believes that outreach begins with "every member, every day". We encourage our membership to live and share the Gospel with their friends and family. Below you will find some of the different mission works we are involved in.


In addition to the evangelism of every member, the congregation is involved in many different forms of outreach in the community. Some of these include: Our food pantry (Available to any in need of food!) Care Packages for the Homeless (These are always available free for our members to distribute to those in need) Friends and Family Days, Kids Day and Vacation Bible School


Our congregation has been blessed with many resources. We truly belive it is our duty to use these resources to the glory of God all over this country. Some of the Domestic Mission Works we are involved in are: Expedition Winter Camp, Recharge Ministry Conference, Student Support at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, Manuelito Navajo Childrens Home and many other wonderful works that help those in need and preach the Gospel to the lost.


The Great Commission commands that we "Go into all the world". The church in Visalia takes this command seriously, and is very much involved in the mission field of Guatemala as well as Hati, Indonesia and Africa. You can be involved in these good works too. Talk to one of the elders if you are interested in changing the world through mission work.