2020 Men's Retreat

EVENT INFO: This will be a time of recreation, learning and fellowship. Men (and their sons ages 11 and up) from the area are invited to attend this event. Housing and food provided (Amazing Food!!). (Limited RV spaces also available)Wayne Roberts is our guest speaker. You may also arrive one night early (on April 3) to help with service projects around the camp on Friday before the event begins that evening.

  • Schedule

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    Friday April 3rd

    • 6:00pm - 7:00pm Arrival and Check-In
    • 7:00pm Welcome Dinner
    • 8:00pm Devotional and Dessert (Cliff Sabroe)
    • 9:00pm Free Time (Hang Out till you Go to Sleep)

    Saturday April 4th

    • 8:00am Breakfast
    • 9:30am "Navigating Life: When there is no Current" (Wayne Roberts)
    • 10:15am Break
    • 10:30am "Navigating Life: When the Waves Seem Insurmountable" (Wayne Roberts)
    • 11:15am Break
    • 12:00pm Lunch
    • 1:30pm "Navigating Life: When Your Raft is Full" (Wayne Roberts)
    • 2:15pm Free Time 
    • 4:00pm - Final Devotional (Nick Westberg)
    • 4:20pm - Clean Up
    • 5:00pm - Go Home