June 29th - July 6th, 2019 at Yosemite Bible Camp

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A week long encampment at Yosemite Bible Camp. Classes and activities for kids of all ages (and even adults). Worship, Sports, Archery, Games, Campfire Program, Arts and Crafts, Bible Classes and much, much more! 

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Who Can Attend?

  • The age requirement for campers without a parent or guardian attending is 10 years old (or going into the 5th grade) through seniors in High School (the school year beginning in the fall of 2019). Graduating seniors can still attend as campers, but must participate in all “camper” activities.
  • Campers under 10 (“pre-campers”) are allowed if supervised by an accompanying parent or guardian who has been approved to serve as staff. 
  • All camper applications are subject to approval by the West Visalia elders and camp directors. 
  • Campers and parents need to be familiar with and in agreement with the rules and requirements of the camp.
  • For those desiring to be staff, you must first register online and pay your enrollment fees. You will be contacted if you are approved as staff. Your registration fees will be refunded if you are not selected to serve. Please contact Cliff Sabroe if you have any questions. All staff must submit to a criminal back ground check and pass a child safety course online (the cost of these are included in your fees).
  • NOTE: The last few years we have reached full capacity at YBC. You must register ASAP in order to secure a spot and not be turned away. If you are applying to be staff, understand that we will most likely fill staff positions from previous staff before processing new applications.

What Do I Do Upon Arrival at YBC?

  • Campers’ parents are responsible for providing and/or arranging transportation to and from the camp. 
  • Parents and campers should observe the camp dress code at all times on camp property, including during the arrival and pick-up of campers. Arrival time at the camp is 1:00-4:00 pm on Saturday June 30th.  We will leave the camp at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 7th. 
  • As staff and campers arrive, they should go to the cafeteria beginning at 1:00 pm to check in and get their cabin assignments. 
  • Campers’ requests to stay in the same room should be noted on the enrollment form. We will do our best to accommodate each camper. However, all requests may not be granted due to cabin size and grade differences.

What Does it Cost to Attend?

  • STAFF FEES: $100.00 per staff member. (Includes Background Check)
  • CAMPER FEES: (10 years old, or going into the 5th Grade, through High School) $160.00 per Camper.  
  • PRE-CAMPER FEES: (May only attend if parent/guardian has been approved as staff) $90.00 for pre-campers (1st - 4th Grade). Pre-Campers (Kindergarten and Under) are Free.
  • MAXIMUM AMOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD: $460 (If multiple people from the same household are applying and the fees add up to over $460 you may qualify for the “Family Discount”). Please contact the church office at 559-732-7515 before you register so we can provide you with a “Family Discount” Promo Code.
  • You are guaranteed a FREE Camp T-Shirt if you register by June 1st!
  • NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 19th. Registration may close sooner if we reach capacity.
  • NOTE: This year you can “pre-pay” for the snack bar online when registering. You will also have an opportunity to fund your snack bar account upon arrival at YBC.

How Do I Pay?

  • You pay 100% of the camp enrollment fees when registering online. We are no longer offering a “pay upon arrival” option. 
  • YOUR FEE COVERS food, bed, camp sports and games and camp t-shirt (shirt promised to those who register before June 1st). Your fee does not cover snack shack refreshments. You can purchase credit at the snack bar upon arriving at camp.
  • Donations and Scholarships - If you would like to donate funds so needy campers can attend or if you know of a special need, please contact Cliff Sabroe at 559-623-5252.

Camp Rules:

  • All campers are required to attend all worship services and Bible classes unless excused by the Camp Nurse.
  • All campers will respect the property of all other campers and staff members.
  • No foul language, dirty jokes or inappropriate comments will be tolerated. PDA (Public displays of Affection) between campers will be limited to hand holding only. *No drugs, alcohol or tobacco will be allowed within the camp. All campers will be expected to show respect to all staff and any visitors.
  • *A nightly curfew of 10:30pm to 6:00am will be strictly enforced and all campers are to remain in their cabins during this time.
  • *Campers will not be allowed to leave the camp area at anytime unless accompanied by an adult staff member and approved by a Camp Director.
  • All prescription and non-prescription medication must be turned into the Camp Nurse immediately upon arrival at camp. The nurse will administer the required dosage.
  • Campers are discouraged from having money in their cabins. The camp is not responsible for money or valuables kept in the cabins and losses thereof. 
  • *The girls are not to go in or around the boys cabins. *The boys are not allowed to go in or around the girls cabins.

What Not to Bring to Camp:

  • *Knives or weapons of any kind. No firecrackers, fireworks or sparklers or any kind. Radios, iPods, Media Players, Video Games or electronics of any kind.  Walkie Talkies may be used by staff members only.
  • *No Drugs, Any Tobacco Products, Vape Pens, Alcohol or Inappropriate Pictures of Any Kind
  • No Cell Phones are to be Used During Camp
  • Skateboards, scooters, bikes or skates are not allowed on camp property. Paintballs, Paintball Guns, or Airsoft guns should not be brought as well. Don’t bring anything that will mess up the camp.

What To Bring to Camp:

  • Bible, notebook and pen or pencils.
  • Sleeping bag or bedding with pillows.
  • Enough clothes, toiletries, and towels, for the week. 
  • We recommend labeling clothes with camper’s name. Bring nicer clothes for Sunday morning worship.
  • Swimming suit and sunscreen SPF 20 or higher and mosquito repellent. Inexpensive sports equipment to participate in recreational activities (labeled if possible).

Camp Dress Code:

  • Clothing should not have anything written on it that is not in keeping with Christian standards. 
  • Campers must be fully clothed going to and coming from the swimming pool.
  • Clothing should not be immodest (i.e., not too tight or too revealing, etc.) (If you have a question about your attire, ask your Cabin Leader). 
  • No Lycra/spandex tights or form-fitting stretch pants may be worn in place of pants. Leggings/Yoga Pants are not allowed.
  • No spaghetti-straps or tube tops may be worn at anytime.  No bare midriffs or low-cut tops. No tank-tops. (If you have a question about your attire, ask your Cabin Leader). (When in doubt, wear a camp t-shirt instead). 
  • Dresses/skirts must reach the bottom of the knees.  No skirts above the knees. 
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. No flip-flops except to and from the pool and showers. 
  • Shorts (to the knee or longer) are allowed. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • The following shorts are not acceptable at any time:  any shorts above the middle of the knee, biking shorts, tight running shorts or spandex shorts. No clothing with revealing cutouts. 

2019 Campfire Theme Nights 

    • Saturday - Disney Night 
    • Sunday - Mix and Match 
    • Monday - Superhero
    • Tuesday - Sci-Fi and Mystical
    • Wednesday - Video Game Night
    • Thursday - Murica Night
    • Friday - Awards Night

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